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Parts and rebuild kits for Mercruiser outdrives.
Transom Gimbal Housing Seal Kits. Ujoint Bellows. Exhaust Bellows. Hinge Pins. Gimbal Bearings.
Gimbal Rings for Bravo and Alpha Outdrives


16755T1 Bravo Install Kit


33981A06 Shift Cable Fits Vazer


27-35996A1 Gasket Set Fits older Mercruiser IA/IB/IC & EZ Shift (1964‑1966)


27-54014Q1 Gasket Set Fits Mercruiser 215E, 215H, TR and TRS drives.  


27-64818T4 Gasket Set Fits Mercruiser MC‑I drives (s/n 6225576 & below) (1967‑1982)


73723A01 Shift Cable Fits Mercruiser IA/IB/IC, EZ‑Shift & MC‑I (1977 & older)


74639A2 Shift Cable Bellows Includes clamps Fits all Mercruiser MCM sterndrives utilizing a drive unit shift cable. (1963 & newer)


30-803097T1 Transom Seal Repair Kit Fits Mercruiser R, MR & Alpha One w/ exhaust bellows


30-803098T1 Transom Seal Repair Kit Fits R, MR & Alpha One w/ exhaust tube


30-803099T1 Transom Seal Repair Kit Fits Alpha One Gen II


859116K01 Sterndrive Installation Hardware For mounting the MC‑I, R, MR, Alpha & Bravo drives to the bell housing.


865330A02 Rear Mount Kit (stiff) Stiffer Mercruiser durometer for higher hp engines. Fits MCM flywheel housing with Bravo drive