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Starter Solenoids and Trim Solenoids


25661T1 Solenoid Used for power trim and starting systems Fits various O/B & MCM applications


65057T1 Solenoid Used for starting system Fits various MCM engines


76416A1 Solenoid This solenoid has a grounded base.


818999A2 Solenoid Used for starting systems Fits various O/B and MCM applications


850187T1 Solenoid Contains rubber insulating mounts. Review the Electronic Parts Catalog for your specific application.


850188T1 Solenoid Fits Outboard 6 ‑ 25 Hp and 50 ‑ 60 Hp 3 Cyl. & MCM applications


853654A1 Solenoid Fits Outboard 2 Cyl. & In‑Line 6 & MCM applications  


96054T Solenoid Flat mounting plate Fits In‑Line 6 Outboards & MerCruiser engines


96158T Solenoid Stepped mounting plate Fits Outboard Starters & MerCruiser Starters and Pwr Trim.